Darcy Andersen Adds Her Vast Technical, Environmental Science and Engineering Expertise to the WestLand Resources Team

Overseeing construction and engineering projects in the Southwest and Western states requires a wide range of knowledge, from engineering and construction to permitting and environmental compliance. To serve clients’ interests, support quality outcomes and meet the growing demand caused by new construction and development, Darcy Andersen joined the WestLand Resources project management team.

Darcy has more than 30-years of experience in the industry, with expertise in environmental permitting and compliance, including air and water quality; project-level transportation conformity; and environmental planning and permitting (NEPA). She holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Arizona (Hydrology and Geochemistry) and a master’s degree in science from the South Dakota School of Mines& Technology (Air Pollution Meteorology). 

“Project management begins with understanding the clients’ expectations and desired outcomes,” explains Darcy. “From there, we create a schedule, project milestones and timeline – then I’ll assemble my team from experts that I know from all over the country.” 

Her rich experience in meteorology and air quality monitoring, modeling, analysis and preparing successful air quality permitting and compliance reports along with engineering and environmental experience allows her to call upon the right experts in Arizona and throughout the U.S. 

James A. Tress, Jr. CEO and President added, “With all of her experience, Darcy can effectively manage every element of a successful project. We’re excited to have her join our team.”

Yet, there’s something else besides her remarkable expertise that makes Darcy unique, “I’m highly communicative, which is uncommon in the science and engineering fields.” She adds, “Because factors change throughout a project, I update clients continuously to ensure we are going down the right path together.”